Green Peanut Butter Smoothie - Easy

Is eating clean still a thing?  Because this smoothie is clean.  Very clean.  Except for the mess if you use a food processor instead of a blender.  

The Green Peanut Butter Smoothie is a sneaky way to get veggies into your kids.   But one taste, and you'll find excuses to keep it for yourself for breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up.

And that's not even the best part of this delicious smoothie! 

Mind-Blowing Beef in Lemon Wine Sauce with Capers

It's Passover this week, which to many most people means two choices:  meals served on matzoh, or meals with matzoh mixed in.  Nuh-uh, not in my house.   Here is an example of the kind of meals my family enjoy.  Ground beef, sauteed with mushrooms and other yummy add-ins, served over Passover-friendly spiral noodles made of potato and tapioca starches.  Perfect even if you don't celebrate Passover, but happen to have gluten issues.   A bit of wine reduction (which sounds fancy-schmancy, but really takes more time to say than to do) gives the flavor a grown-up kick.

The interesting thing about this recipe is that it came about totally by accident.

Spicy Cucumber Gazpacho Shooters

Can you stand yet another company-worthy appetizer?   Serve this refreshing (emerald) jewel of a soup!

Smoked Salmon Mousse Cucumber Cups

Having a few people over, but don't know what to serve?  With not much more than a twist of the wrist, make these dressed-to-impress canapes!

Baba Ganoush - A Traditional Middle Eastern Eggplant Dip

Continuing with my testing appetizers for a dinner I am partially hosting, my latest experiment is baba ganoush.

Baba ganoush is a Middle Eastern dip.   Made with roasted eggplant, tahini, lemon juice, plus a few spices, baba ganoush is usually served with pita or another Middle Eastern bread.  Parsley is not a traditional ingredient, but I think it really adds to the flavor.

Indian-Style Spiced Beets - Easy

Turn your beet-haters into beet-lovers with this flavorful side dish!

Sausage-Style Rolls with Tomato Dipping Sauce

So I volunteered to be one of the hosts (hostesses?) for a progressive dinner for charity.   A progressive dinner is where the appetizers, main and dessert courses are each served at different homes.  I'm doing the appetizers.  Since this fundraiser brings out major contributors, you don't just heat up store-bought frozen puffs and pass around a bottle of ketchup. These people deserve major bang for their donation bucks.  So I've been testing a few recipes that catch my eye here and there.  Such as these from-scratch sausage rolls, served with from-scratch tomato dipping sauce.